Bespoke Wellbeing Consultancy for Youth

How can we be more mindful of our relationship with Social Media, and how it affects our mental & emotional wellbeing?

As Youth, we are often still struggling with our own identities, leaving us vulnerable to the negative effects of Social Media — such as upward social comparison and self-absorption.

Join Shin.tsugi, founded by designer-digital marketer Elaine Yeoh (from the winning team of Startup Weekend SG) along with guest speaker Nick Yeo, a master trainer specialising in cultivating Social Emotional Intelligence for young adults, as we take a peek behind the veil of social media and its impact on youth today.
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• About the Speakers •
Elaine Yeoh is a designer and digital marketer on an entrepreneurial mission to improve mental wellbeing through bespoke design.

With expertise in social media marketing, and having experienced the power of personalised self-care and the therapeutic effects of the arts, Elaine is passionate about sharing the same with others through her work. 
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Elaine Yeoh
Founder, Shin.tsugi
Nick Yeo
Guest Speaker
Nick Yeo is a trainer and coach in personal development and leadership. Beyond his Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Psychology from NUS, he has specific expertise in cultivating Social Emotional Intelligence for young adults.

In the past 7 years he has directly coached and trained over 6000 people from over 50 organisations who have attained personal growth and results in their personal and professional lives.