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Shin.tsugi (Shinzu) seeks to help Youths improve their mental wellbeing through a highly personalised approach.

We help Youths adopt Self-Care as an ongoing practice, by learning to engage with The Arts in a way that promotes mental wellness.

• Name Origins •⁣
Kintsugi (金継ぎ) is the ancient Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer or gold. It honours each artifact’s unique history by emphasizing, not hiding, the break.⁣

In the same way, we as humans are imperfect and broken in places by what life has thrown at us. ⁣
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Shin.tsugi (pronounced /shinˈsuɡi/) comes from substituting the gold (kin/金) in Kintsugi with the heart and mind (shin/心).

Shin.tsugi (Shinzu) is the repair of the heart and mind, where every individual’s unique history & traits are acknowledged and celebrated.⁣
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Shin.tsugi offers creative arts programmes that focus on improving Mental Wellbeing.

We help Youths tap on the therapeutic effects of The Arts through Journaling, Calligraphy and Mindfulness workshops.

Shin.tsugi Founder Elaine Yeoh
I'm Elly, the founder of Shin.tsugi, and I'm currently on an entrepreneurial mission to provide Youth with the type of Mental Wellness support I wish I had when I was younger — personalised, relatable and tapping on my strengths and interests.

You can find me on TikTok: @elly.minty!
I'd always envisioned creating a product or service that would improve day-to-day wellbeing for others in a highly personalised way.

I believe there's no one-size-fits-all approach in wellbeing.

My first step closer to this mission was when my team won 1st Place at Startup Weekend Singapore 2020 with a tele-Mental Health solution.
I hold over 6 years of expertise in design, digital marketing, branding and calligraphy.

I'm passionate about helping Youth practice Mental Wellness through Self-Awareness and the Arts, and making Social Media a mentally & emotionally healthier space.

My favourite Fandoms (Eg. Harry Potter, Running Man) have provided immeasurable comfort and healing in my times of need, and I've experienced the therapeutic effects & impact of self-expression, singing, calligraphy and journaling on my own mental wellness and self-care — and would like to share the same with other Youth through Shin.tsugi.
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In my previous role as Head of Marketing & Design at Reactor School, I gained 4 years of experience working with Youth across ASEAN to turn their amazing ideas into projects and startups.

As head of the Reactor Educator Network, I also supported a passionate community of Teachers in their work.
In August 2021, I joined TikTok’s Youth for Good programme in partnership with MOE, MCCY and NYC, mentored by various Mental Health NPOs.

I'm currently a Mental Wellness advocate and educational content creator on TikTok.

You can find me on TikTok @elly.minty!

I create educational content to help Youth learn about Mental Wellness in creative formats such as Singing, Journaling and Calligraphy. I also advocate for making Social Media a mentally healthier space, and use Self-Awareness and Fandoms such as Harry Potter and Avatar the Last Airbender to make mental wellness more relatable.
Read the Straits Times Article here.

Ps. I'm quoted at the end!

Fandom Kintsugi

Shin.tsugi's 'Fandom Kintsugi' approach taps on the magic of your favourite Fandoms (movies/shows, artists/singers, books etc) to repair the heart and mind, where each individual's unique experiences are acknowledged and celebrated.

Fandom and Mental Wellness come together to create a highly personalised experience, where you will also meet a supportive community of like-minded learners to start your mental wellness journey.
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Shin.tsugi has hit on the intriguing concept of combining fandom and mental wellness. Invoking fandom topics definitely helped ground the concepts, and made it easier to understand and remember them.
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