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Shin.tsugi (Shinzu) is a bespoke consultancy and community that offers highly personalised mental wellness & self-care for Youth, and a supportive like-minded community that has open discourse on Mental Wellness.

Through a deeper understanding of our mental & emotional relationship with social media, we help Youth reinvent their online interactions in a way that focuses on improving Mental Wellbeing. Shin.tsugi is on a mission to help Youth alleviate day-to-day stress & anxiety, and improve Mental Wellbeing, through bespoke design.
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• Name Origins •⁣
Kintsugi (金継ぎ) is the ancient Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer or gold. It honours each artifact’s unique history by emphasizing, not hiding, the break.⁣

In the same way, we as humans are imperfect and broken in places by what life has thrown at us. ⁣
Shin.tsugi (心継ぎ) comes from substituting the gold (kin/金) in kintsugi with the heart and mind (shin/心).

Shinzu is the repair of the heart and mind, where every individual’s unique history & traits are acknowledged and celebrated.⁣
Shin.tsugi Founder Elaine Yeoh
• Shin.tsugi / About the Founder •
Elaine Yeoh is on an entrepreneurial mission to improve youth mental wellbeing through bespoke design. A designer-digital marketer with over 5 years of expertise, she also brings 4 years of experience helping student entrepreneurs across Asia build Startups of their own in her previous role as Head of Marketing at Reactor School.

Elaine was Co-Founder of the 1st place tele-mental health team at Startup Weekend Singapore 2020. 

Elaine believes in acknowledging and celebrating individuality, and in personalising self-care and mental wellness at a deep level. Our unique lived experiences, whether good or painful, make us the amazing individuals we are — just like the concept of Kintsugi (金継).

With a heart for helping youth cope with rising day-to-day stress & anxiety, Elaine has personally experienced the negative impact social media and today's social pressures can have on youth mental-emotional wellbeing. She has also experienced the therapeutic effects of the arts through calligraphy, bullet journalling and singing, and is passionate about sharing the same with others through her work.
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